MadBarn Omneity P – Equine Mineral and Vitamin Pellet

Our cornerstone product, designed to provide the ultimate nutrition for improved hoof quality, absorption of nutrients and improved digestion – now in a convenient pelleted format.

Love the Omneity – Equine Mineral and Vitamin Premix, but your horse is not so enamoured with it?  The same great mineral formulation is now available in a convenient pelleted format.

Omneity mineral and vitamin pellet provides:

  • Antioxidants that neutralize free radicals caused by stress, pain and inflammation
  • Biotin levels clinically proven to improve hoof quality
  • Chelated trace minerals with superior bioavailability and absorption properties
  • A complex of digestive enzymes that improves digestion of starch, protein and fiber
  • Specific strain of live yeast scientifically proven to improve the pH of the hindgut and reduce the incidence of digestive upset and colic and increase digestion of nutrients.


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